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Information: Silhouettes against the sky:


A man arrives in an abstract landscape full of straight lines, slowly he moves to a more dynamic environment. He sees everything around him including himself in silhouette.


Gradually he starts to see things around him with more colour and depth and all around him becomes more dynamic.

During his journey he moves from aesthetic landscapes with dykes and water to a more hectic environment in the small city of Zierikzee in Holland. In this city we see a turning point in the dynamics of this film and he turns back to the starting point of the film, he returns to the sea. The visual journey starts again but now we can see it in a new light. 


I search for special compositions in rhythm and esthetics. The film looks composed like a music piece.






Silhouetten tegen het licht

Informatie en promofilm



Eef is the producer of this project with advice and cooperation of Ruud Monster. Ruud  has a long list of film productions to his name his company is called: Lava Film production and distribution (which works for independent, artistic productions and documentaries).

Eef de Graaf Productions cooperated with “stichting View in Zeeland”: a foundation for professional art and culture in Zierikzee.


The participating choreographer for this project is the versatile Sjoerd Schwibettus.

Written by Eef de Graaf but also The writers Dirk Everse and script coach Willem Rodenhuis have been involved in this project.

Cameraman: Rieks Soepenberg with a great team of motivated and enthusiastic film making professionals.

Camera underwater: Maarten van Rouveroy van Nieuwaal 

The main actors, the dancer Corneliu Ganea and who works together with the actrice Maja Jawor. Both living in Holland they have a long list of international theatre experiences.


The artists Sjoerd Schwibettus (choreographer) and Rob Maaskant (Musicisian) play a role in the film.

Other participators, crew, supporters and sponsors for this project are:

Production cooperators: Guide de Jonge, Inge Teunissen.

Editing: Eef de Graaf with advice of Marcel Wijninga and Jan Ketelaar with Anne-Marie van Noordwijk from Filmmore.


Sound recordings and mixage: Roger van der Veken

Grip: Nils Valkenborgh van Gripfruit.

Art Direction: Kianoosh Gerami.

Music Yutaka with Ingeborg Cneut, Onno van Tongeren, Maja Jawor (voice) and Roger van der Veken.

Stichting View: Bibian Scheepstra, Jeroen Portier, Sander Lettinga, Martijn Kalle, Mariska den Hartog.


Thanks to sponsors

VVV Zeeland, Sylvia De Geest, Hans Baris.  Peter Bosma,

Main Sponsors: Cobi Gelderblom. Gemeente Schouwen-Duiveland en Provincie Zeeland. Prins Bernhard Cultuur Fonds, Deltazeelandfonds, Airpack Zierikzee, Watersnoodmuseum, Stadhuismuseum Zierikzee, PZC Zeeland, Ali Pankow, Stichting Renesse. Willem Rodenhuis, Dutch  Filmfund (development).

Many enthusiastic people have helped us so far in making this film possible!

filmwebsite: by Alireza Gerami

Biography Eef de Graaf for festivals


Eef de Graaf was born in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. She grew up in different places in Holland and studied art in Groningen at Minerva Art School. She graduated in 1993 as a painter. Because of her interest in theatre, other art disciplines and science, she continued studying at the University of Groningen. She started to work with video.


Her rising fascination for video convinced her that filmmaking could give her the challenges she was looking for. In 1996 she moved to Rotterdam and started to work as a freelance reporter for a radio station. She also continued working as an artist and set up several exhibitions. In 1999 she moved for a period to Gothenburg in Sweden. Here she had close contact with the dancers of the Opera House and started working with dance and video again.


In 2000 she moved back to Rotterdam and went to study film in Den Haag with experimental filmmaker Frans Zwartjes. She made several dance and other experimental videos. In 2002 she moved for six months to Barcelona and made a video documentary about her stay there, later this year she shot her first short 16 mm film in The Netherlands.


Her film Circulos Cuadrados premiered in 2003 at the Rotterdam Film Festival and has been shown at many festivals around the world, like Sueños Cortos in Argentina, Brazil Noar in Barcelona, Art Film Festival in Slovakia and Morbengo Art Film in Italy.

The film she made in 2003/2004 Pulse of the City was also selected for the Rotterdam Film Festival in 2004 and shown on many festivals around the world. The film received an award for best film, from the Jury of Festival Cinema da Mare, South Italy.


In 2005 Eef won a prize for the contest 'Rotterdam Shorts' and received a budget to make her first 35mm film in Rotterdam with

her original screenplay De Grijns (The Grin). She realised this film as a screenwriter, director and co-producer. The film premiered in 2006. In 2007 she finished her film about Lorca,’ Garcia Lorca esta Vivo?’ It premiered in Rotterdam in 2008 and is selected for the Museum of Modern art in Warsaw, Poland and the shortfilm Corner in Cannes 2008. In 2008 she won a scenario prize for the short documentary: Zadkine and the Growing city.

She realised this documentary together with Kianoosh Gerami and it was shown at the Dutch film festival in Utrecht 2008 and the International film festival of Rotterdam in 2009. In this year her work was also shown in different places, Barcelona, Rio de Janeiro and CBK Rotterdam. She teached film at the HBO art educations such as Willem the Kooning and Graphic lyceum in Rotterdam. She was asked as a counsellor at Inholland in Rotterdam and organised lectors and workshops. In 2010 she moved together with her partner to Zeeland where they started their own gallery. EK Gallery they show their work and work with other International en national artists and filmmakers. In these years she had two kids and worked as a freelancer, making documentaries and information films about art subjects in het environment. She started her own foundation for professional artists in 2011, ‘stichting View’. Meanwhile she wrote, painted and filmed.


 In 2011 she started producing her very esthetical film ‘Silhouettes against the sky’. She worked together with Ruud Monster, (Lava film production and distribution) and the cameraman Rieks Soepenberg and Maarten van Rouveroy. This film finished in April 2015 and was supported by the Dutch Film fund and the Prins Bernhard Culture fund also Cinecrowd and many sponsors helped her to realize this project. It’s now showing as an installation in a monument in Zierikzee and will go to the main International film festivals in 2016.

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