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Sustainable Islands


"The Dutch Wadden islands and the islands of the Dutch Delta in Zeeland are regarded internationally as pioneer regions for the transition to a more sustainable, zero-emissions future. These islands have launched a number of large scale projects to realize their ambitions. This film follows a number of idealists from different walks of life on their long and winding road towards their dreams of "sustainability".




Director / producer: Eef de Graaf


Camera: Maarten van Rouveroy van Nieuwaal,

Second camera: Eef de Graaf en Kianoosh Gerami

Production in co production with Stichting View

Length: 70 minutes

Sound: Michiel de Boer, Roger van der Veken, Daan Arens, Kasper Koudenburg

Sound editing: Michiel de Boer

Composer: Lionel Ziblat

Colorist :  Jaap Verdenius

Poster/grafics : Kianoosh Gerami


Subtitle: Engels.

Language: Dutch with english subtitles



Trailer (Youtube link, indien beschikbaar) :

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