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Eef de Graaf directs, produces and writes. She workes together with professional people  and film crews on different projects.




In productin the documentairy sustainable islands

'Duurzame eilanden'


Just finished:

Silhouettes against the light, a surprising visual journey of a lonely man wondering through the beautiful Dutch landscape of the province Zeeland.


Project in development:

Duurzame eilanden (sustainable islands)

about the sustainable developments on the dutch islands and their choice to show themselves as an example to the world. To work on a society without polution.


Zierikzee night and day

A young man who decided to leave his country and becomes a refugee at a young age, runs into cultural problems in a small city called Zierikzee on an island in the Netherlands , he struggles with his own perceptions.


Road to nowhere

A film about people coping with changes in life.

Four young adults from different parts of the world decide to leave their own country. They want or try to find out what they want from life. They meet each other in a beautiful city on the coast of the Mediterranean; it’s a confrontation with each other and with themselves.



Realised Projects:


Since 1993 many short experimental films and videos.



1. Circulos Cuadrados, 2003

2. Hartritme van de Stad, 2004

3. Cinema al Mare, 2005

4. De Grijns, 2006

5. Garcia Lorca Esta Vivo?,2007

6. Zadkine en de Groeiende Stad, 2008

7 When do I see myself as I am (Mirror me)

8 Silhouettes against the Sky




1 Circulos Cuadrados, (square circles) 15 minutes

A short film about composition, how it works between the different art forms, dance, painting, music and cinema.Using the basic forms of composition (circle square and diagonal) to create a piece for every discipline to come together as one work in cinema.


2. Pulse of the city (Hartritme van de stad)

 An interdisciplinary film in which the dancer takes us on a rhythmic tour through the city of Rotterdam. He encounters different people during his trip and merges with the individuals he meets, as a chameleon, taking on multiple identities. Every person our main character encounters has its own personal rhythm. The dancer lives the lives and takes on the rhythm of different inhabitants for a certain time. Through the diverse lives he adapts, our main character visits several locations, practices a variety of professions and experiences different cultures. Through the dancer the rhythm of Rotterdam becomes visible.


Director's note: "Pulse of the City is a mixture of fiction and genuine events." "A realistic interaction develops between the rhythm of the city, the rhythm of the choreography and the rhythm of the film.


3. Cinema al Mare, Cinema at the Sea

An impression of a filmmaker who visits a travelling film festival in southern Italy.


The film reflects the love for film in Italy. It’s an impression of a travelling film festival that was organised in southern Italy by a man who loves the area he was born so much that he decided to invite over twenty people from Holland to participate at the film festival and to learn about the culture of this particular place called Basilicata.


4. De Grijns/ The Grin

Is a film about feelings of fear and insecurity that are part of a woman in love. The film is carried by the music piece that takes us through memories and imagination of the main character.

The film 'The Grin' had it's premiere at the Rotterdam International Filmfestival 2006. It is also selected at the Durban International Film festival, South Africa and The Femina Filmfestival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


5. Garcia lorca still alive? Is Lorca still alive

A film about an 8-millimetre camera that got lost in a mysterious way!


6. Zadkine and the Growing City

A film about a man who followed the statue of Zadkine to photograph it since 1953.


7. When do I see myself as I am (Mirror me)

A video installation/ film edited by Eef de Graaf with stills from Kianoosh Gerami screened in the Center of Art in Rotterdam.

Beautiful mirrored photography composed like an animation film.


Art and Photography plays an important role in the developing of ideas for projects.


Also Eef de Graaf was asked many times as a photographer by dancers and musicians to make portraits and publicity.

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